Communication Front Book, Crossing Points East-West
ISBN 954-90880-1-4

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The texts marked with an asterisk (*) to the left of the author's name are available only in this extended online version.

Contents in English

Dimitrina Sevova & Alain KessiIntro
Dimitrina SevovaWhy Communication Front?
Alain KessiArt, elites and technologies
Jen SouthernInter-place
* IDEA, Manchester Translocal Ideas
Ana Peraica, in collaboration with Geert LovinkCon/FRONT! radio-active ideology junk
[second-hand truths about east and west]
Adele MyersDigital Debris - by the wayside
Iliyana NedkovaInside Out
Curating the New Media Culture of Bulgaria
* Rupert Francis A view of the growing Bulgarian electronic art scene by an outsider looking in
Nina CzegledyOn Translation in Deep Europe
Jane Brake, Jenna Collins, Rupert FrancisA collage
* Yordan Eftimov Trivial Insight and the Internet
Daniel Smilovski"What's-been-said" on the Internet
The Virtual Almightiness and the Collapse of Identity
Donatien GarnierInterview with Alexandru Patatics
* Melentie Pandilovski Art Practices of the New Millennium
Dimos Dimitriouart after the networks communication media
SNORTER AKA roops@freeuk.comConvergence
* Korinna Patelis New Media, Greece and the Information Society
Eric KluitenbergSmash the Surface / Break Open the Box / Disrupt the Code
Melentie PandilovskiThe Position of Culture in South-Eastern Europe
Dejan KršicAlter/native
Ravi SundaramElectronic Marginality
Or, Alternative Cyberfutures in the Third World
Kayo TerzijskiGlobalization
Luchezar BoyadjievOverlapping Identities
* Alexander Brener Third World Artist
Nedko SolakovA bitter text that ends in a joke
* Luchezar Boyadjiev "GastARTbeiter", 2000
Iara BoubnovaInterview with the Russian media artist Dmitriy Pilikin
Kayo TerzijskiVirus
Geert LovinkThe Art of Being Independent
On NGOs and the Soros debate
Andreas BroeckmannSmall Channels for Deep Europe
(almost a sermon)
Susanna PaasonenFree Tourists in the Land of Plenty?
from cyberdiscourse towards politics of location
Tapio MäkeläCompass, map, camera, bubble gum and some rhetoric
How to be a Networked Media Tourist?
Güven Incirlioglu art.Politics
From: "guven incirlioglu" <> Subject: end of the story
Ana PeraicaOn the Indifference
[inhabiting "inbetween" as a territory]
Steve BradleyTransgressive Tourists
Communication Front 2000Excerpts from the round-table discussions
 A few words on the Web site
 The streaming session and chat
 Excerpts from the chat
Geert LovinkSweet Erosions of E-mail
Ups and Downs on the Communication Front

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