All Museums Are Virtual

Public Conference with Discussions

19/20 September 2001
at the Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Center, bul. Al. Stamboliiski 17, Sofia

part of the microMuseum of medi@terra .01
De-globalizing / Re-globalizing
Athens >> Lavrion >> Sofia >> Belgrad >> Maribor >> Frankfurt
(14 September-15 October)

co-organized by the curatorial team of Communication Front and medi@terra, in collaboration with the Euro-Bulgarian Cultural Center, Sofia, and the ArtToday Foundation, Plovdiv.

Texts of the Lectures

Rossen Petkov

Culture of Resistance
Ivaylo Ditchev Museum of Places
Irina Genova The Artistic Collection in the Age of Its Digital (Re)Production
Svilen Stefanov My Museum My Fortress
Dimos Dimitriou microMuseum, De-globalizing / Re-globalizing
Dimitrina Sevova and Alain Kessi All Museums Are Virtual
Vladimir Petkov Bulgarian Art on the Internet
Yordan Efftimov Hackers Between Literature and Visual Arts
Virginia Zaharieva The Body As A Museum

Concept: Dimitrina Sevova & Alain Kessi <>

The curatorial team of Communication Front <>
Dimitrina Sevova, Alain Kessi and Emil Miraztchiev
e-mail: <>

All Museums Are Virtual

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