Antal Bodoczky

Antal Bodoczky is at present a student of the Hungarian Academy of Craft and Design. His works include short videos and also installations. Collaboration with people of different professions is an important part of his activities.

Synopsis My presentation (video and slides) would be based on my own works, plans and experiences that reflect best my interest in finding ways (and reasons) to collaborate with people of different professions in order to promote the better communication between people and also between people and nature. It is the link, the relationship, the "in-betweeness" that most interestes me and I always hope to find new possibilities by staying on the borderline of different territories. Keeping things open as long as possible might give me the chance of new insights and understanding of the phenomena around us. I often find installations especially suitable to mix new media and the most traditional materials. But sometimes the actual process, the activites, the collaboration that the creation involves are more important than the final results.