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CFRONT if the most substantial art and technology event split into SYMPOSIUM/EXHIBITION/WORKSHOP/PERFORMANCES which spans for 20 days in PLOVDIV - the city of the 1999 European cultural Month. It is organised at an ever larger scale in this country considering the growing awareness of artists, critics and curators, working from Bulgaria, of the development in the arts and creative technologies today.

CFRONT is thus focused on the LOCAL situation trying to foster long-term translocal relationships between visiting and bulgaria-based media art people. Moreover, CFRONT marks the opening of a new venue - the Centre for Contemporary Art - in the landmark building of the former Turkish Baths at the foothills of the ancient city of Plovdiv. It is hoped that this unique venue will be further developed into a permenant home of moving image culture.

CFRONT SYMPOSIUM over 40 Bulgarian adn visiting curators, artists and critics from 15 different countries across 3 continents are invited to debate in 2 rounds of talks and presentations aiming to have resonance on the Bulgarian media arts scene. The first round is between 1-7 June and the secon is between 14 - 20 June. Most of hte talks in the two rounds will explore the issues of building local media communities while acting on translocal scale and the use of old and new communication channels to translate multicultural experiences. successful community-oriented projects will be highlighted in the talks as working collaborative models.

CRONT will further try to find creative answers to the madness of war and division that has strangled the Balkans for such a long time. Another pertinent issue is setting up of new independent media organisations and collectives and exchanging views on institutionalising of the media arts.

Alondshide witht he rounds of talks, there is a diverse EXHIBITION around the theme of 'Restoration of the Entity' which runs from 31 May till 20 June. The extraordinary spaces of the Turkish Baths are illuminated by mixed media installations and new screen based wqorks by 20 artist from 6 countries. Amongst them are artists from across Bulgaria like Tanya ABADJIEVA, Stefan BOZHKOV, Luchezar BOYADJIEV, Petko DOURMANA, Boryana DRAGOEVA, Pravdoljub IVANOV & V. SHISHKOV, Adelina POPNEDELEVA, Kalin SERAPIONOV, Nedko SOLAKOV and Krassimir TERZIEV. CFRONT presents also the Bulgarian premieres of works b visiting artists like Antal BODOCZKY [Hun], Clive GILLMAN[UK], Isolde LOOK[CH],Saso VRABIC[Slov]and Natalia ZOLOZNAJA[Belarus].

CFRONT WEB AUTHORING WORKSHOP which will span from 2 till 20 June under the title of MIGRATIONS of TRUTH will be delivered by Amos Taylor and a team of 7 visiting artists associated with the CF partner known as IDEA - Innovation in Digital and Electronic Arts, Manchester, [UK]. It will involve about 10 Plovdiv-based artists/students providing them with basic and advanced web art and design skills. The workshop main objective is to build a webspace which will register in a creative way all the CFRONT events and collect contributions by artists, speakers and exhibitors.

CFRONT LIVE ART programme features also exclusive PERFORMANCES by artists collectives, known as Die KUNST [UK] aka richard HYLTON, David MACKINTOSH and Martin VINCENT and the BAND OF MAD WOMEN [BG]. Another, performance by Albena MIHAILOVA [BG/CH] will stretch across 7 nights [14 - 20 June] establishing live internet videostreaming between Plovdiv and Basel [CH]