Friday: June 8 Chill out working - syndicate meeting

Illyana's Mac Luke the wizzard next

The best song that Luka done her in Plovdiv with LookBot 3.0 was done at the late hours when he came back to appartement. He used a Dimos's voice which is great mid-tone based in the combination with other sounds that Luke the wizzard is producing here in plovdiv. The Best... Watch out for his web refreshings on . Othervise I think Andreas Broeckman was a little depressed when he noticed that there is so little of real syndicates in Plovdiv at the meeting. It's really funny that I just unsubscribed from syndicate two years ago when I was in Plovdiv. I just didn't manage to check my inbox folder... We got two bottles of red vine and something around 3a.m. when Luka and Dimos arrived we had also tea. We made some samples with Rupert's cassette recorder and listen to some easy music. We also did something in Acid 2.0. Anja and Eva came later... they went around the clubs in Plovdiv.