14/6/01::When we woke up, we were rudely interupted by two women and a man who just walk in the appartement without saying hello and they said that we can just stop washing the dishes. They were mad and we were waiting for Emil to come, so they could teleport all their energy on him ... (sorry Emil)>> Rupert and me moved to other appartement to stay with Kristel, Steve and Dimos for one night. We had a shower (what a shower!) and then we went to breakfast no.2 at the Butterfly. I had something like "Urmasica"... Ana and Luka have left the building...

13/6/01::I love you went home. Checking mails, work on web diary, over 670 files... Hey and if you want to see all pictures without index page, just type http://www.ljudmila.org/~saso/plovdiv/June13/ . You can change the dates and skip into another directory. (that's only on Ljudmila's site).. On C-front site there will be a different interface...Available from June6 - June13 for a moment. We had a great presentation of great works that we had done here. Luke's and Rupert's music... Kristel's and Jane's sounds... Paulin's music video... Adnan's film - I Love you actions... Ana and Darko unsubscribed! Had a great time in Nylon bar... drumming sessions.

12/6/01::It's 4a.m and we are still in the Mexican house. The talks about the index page - main interface are still going on... We have a dead line for today at noon, but I personally don't know how they (we) will manage to put all the hours of theorethical debates in digital form?::Later today the I love you Group from Switzerland had a great speach about copyright... The group of three woman were also interesting and also Darko's presentation later. We are still here...working.. and drinking wine. And why we were having a drinks and food outside the stairs? I don't get it...

11/6/01::Jane went home. I gave her a T-shirt that I supposed to give to Steve, but... Steve you took picture of a T-shirt.We are building an interface and finishing our own projects. We hope that the network will work and that everything will be stored on servers or on CDs. Igor and Zoran went home for Belgrade> 12 hours train ride. Check the second day of workshop for children.

10/6/01::We had great time last night at a Barbie-Q (Check June 9) and today Alexander, Eva and me had also workshop for children from Plovdiv building up a virtual city . We were having discussions and we start to thinking about the interface for c-front.

Presentation@CF01: Slovene micro reality after Manifesta 2000 in Ljubljana or more personally... I'm a proffesional babysitter (Essay on ethics, arts, information and life in Slovenia) - for C-front, Plovdiv 2001

So there is much to come If there will be a time to sleep at all.
Don't get me wrong, but I like to communicate If I feel like it. There is a difference beetween real or primal communication and virtual one. Talking through NetMeeting with web camaras is just great (Like I'm doing in the time of the festival with Nina - .jpg on the left). Establish the connection between local people of Plovdiv and CFronters was just on the highest level when we were in club Nylon or If someone has been to a previous CF. Like Mladen Dryankov (workshop C-front 99), who invite his friends Slavi Georgiev, Kristina Atanasova and Michel Tutundjian (who is infact a great local designer), to meet us in the Mexican House in Old Plovdiv. Michel (check his website) took us with Rupert Francis to his favourite spots over the city of Plovdiv. (Check June 6)
Steve Bradley "For the past five days since arriving in Plovdiv I have walked the streets each day for a couple of hours exploring and focusing on the human presence within and around the city with a digital camera. Plovdiv is the communal hub for shelter, work, food, and entertainment. The city, besides containing the wealth and energy of a society, also expresses elements of tragedy and repulsion. My goal is to reveal and map Plovdiv through the day-to-day activity of the inner community of Bulgarian society. I will continue to update the site with new images each day up to 14 June, so visit often." You can also check the site www.garbage.com where you can see some of Steve-s fotographs of the garbage that he found in Plovdiv.
Feel free to add some of your personal statements and impressions :: mail saso
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