cfront 2001 workshop site structure


in the workshop01/ folder are all the works done during the workshop days

(as a representation of the computers network of the workshop days, open to be shared, to be discussed, to be used as material for successive works ... .This happened to be the main working mechanism, by the most of participants, during the workshop days 1-13 of June 2001.)
in the workshop01/-artists/ folder are the personal pages of the participants of the workshop

in the workshop01/-artists/-round_table_projects/ folder are the round - table - projects homepages,

(projects with more than two participants, that came out after round table critical discussions about artisitc strategies for succesfoul communication mechanisms with the local public of plovdiv. In some of these round table discussions were invited and participated for some days Georgy, journalist of Plovdiv.)

in the workshop01/-artists/-round_table_projects/-intro-to-the-01works/ folder are the main info pages with links to the structure of the workshop works, artists, projects, days, processes and description

(the interface of the workshop's site)

the whole structure is an upside down of what usualy happens to the folder - tree structures,
the main folder is the folder - container of all the works,
within it are allocated the artists personal pages folder
within it are allocated the round - table projects  folder
finaly within it is allocated the folder with the info pages (with links and description of the workshop days and processes)





see also: the workshop_interface