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Generally, as a filmmaker I am very interested in exploring the film acting as opposite to the theater, and as close to the documentary style as possible.
I want to explore the possibilities of shooting feature films with one camera only, with no reflectors and no tripod and with the sound as natural as possible.
Apart from this, I'm interested in various kinds of digitalization in filmmaking and film thinking.
Following some of these ideas, I've made a short film during CFront 2001.



I like to use simple Video 8 for recording things and people, and then to spend hours in choosing frames to be taken out as stills.
A little bit of Photoshop adds a new quality to the stills. My favorite effect is diffuse glow; it gives things a kind of Catholic visuality I like very much. Plus maybe sometimes a little bit of lens flare, but very discreetly.
And each time I am fascinated by the way how these portraits look alive and convincing in spite their obvious grainy 2-dimensionality.
Here are some of the Video 8 portraits I've made.



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