Communication Front 2001

Cyber and my sp@ce - Netizens and the new geography

From 1-14 June in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

>> How to find your way to Plovdiv <<
The CF01 Newspaper

Like last year, we have published a newspaper with a collection of texts and works that can provide some input for the discussions to be held at the CF01 theoretical meeting, and for the collaborative work on the Web-site project of the working seminar. The newspaper is available online in pdf format (html will follow).

Our Personalized Links Page

Following last year's concept of a links pages containing the list of participants, each with a personal selection of URLs (representing something like a virtual CV), we are trying to compile such a list these days.

The CFront 2001 workshop01 info-page

Based on the discussions at the theoretical meeting, the participants in CFront 2001 are developing works for this Web site collaboratively and/or inspired by the common discussions.

The CFront 2001 Virtual Exhibition

In our discussions about the relations between virtual and physical space, we are searching for ways to conceptually structure a virtual exhibition space, going beyond the simple listing of more or less related Web works of most online galleries.

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