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Adele Myers / UK

"So here I am in plovdiv" and who would have guessed it when at the age of 4 my grandmother asked me to draw images of the words of our "I spy" game. You see she wasn't sure if the object that I had choosen had the same starting letter as I had suggested; t for television, w for window etc. So I also had to draw the object of our game. From then on I suppose my view of the world has always drawn parallels of text and images and meaning. The analytical process of definitions are important in these instances, language and representation are paramount to the creative process.

The works created here are attempts to disseminate the experience of cfront, my experience of cfront. In the work I have found ways to represent the ideas of crossing over from one area to another from one culture to another. The work is about extracting and examining the similarities as well as the differences we have discovered from each other. The ideas of language and culture transference never quite capture the nuances of the original. Context changes content so that if one object of a "culture" is placed (or disguarded in the instance of 'digital debris') into another, the resonance of the object is altered by its presence in its new arena. An arena which is also changed by this presence. We may not be able to look back from this point as the perameters shift constantly. Whether political, economic or social, exchange is change.